All things Utah - Zion and Arches and Bryce - Motorcycle and Hiking Heaven!

One state that really surprised me in its beauty and amount of things to see is Utah. Everyone knows of or has heard of the Arches, but aside from that, I didn't expect much. I was amazed the first time in Utah and honestly could never get enough!

Tip to save money: If you are going to see the National Parks and Federal Recreation areas in Utah (there are 13!) get the annual pass. You will save a BOATLOAD of money as each park has its own entrance fee - some upward of $30 per bike. An annual national park pass is $80ish. Totally worth it.
Other costs: *Active Military: free    Disabilities: 50% off and/or free  4th Graders: FREE (only kids in 4th grade)*

Every National Park in Utah is 100% worth your time to stop and see. Here are a few of my favorites!

This is my favorite. The road literally follows a ledge - high up in the air,  where on each side is a cliff down into the canyons. SOOO many beautiful opportunities to sit on the edge of the world and soak in the views around!

The 'white' of that ledge? That's the road!

If you make it to Moab, it is HIGHLY recommended that you wake up EARLY (pre-sunrise), drive into Arches NP, and hike up to the Delicate Arch to watch the sunrise. A) It's MUCH cooler at this time of day, and while the hike looks 'easy'... it gracefully slowed me down step after step!  B) There's minimal people at this hour  C) Amazing pictures with the light coming up from behind and framing the arch.  Sunset would also be epic, but seeing as how I cannot seem to follow the trail in the daylight, I haven't tried to do it at night. I'd still be out there somewhere. 

The trail heading up to sunrise at the Arch
The 'Sneak Peak' window of the Arch at sunrise 

We look SO small!!
A stop to look over the edge (naturally). And then back down to the bikes. #Fashionista
   On the road to the Delicate Arch, is Balanced Rock..... (makes me giggle)




ZION NATIONAL PARK - while this one is quite popular, going through on the motorcycle isn't my favorite part. If I took time to hike, it would definitely be here. But Zion is THE most touristy, in my opinion, and with only one road, traffic has always been slow and/or stopped when I have been there. So from a riding perspective, not my favorite. As a National Park? Definitely worth a stop!

On the way to National Monument

Utah is amazing. So much to see and do, and so many fun roads to check out - I have been there a few times and can't wait to return!