My daily Gratitude Challenge has started!

It is so easy to think of all the negative things happening around us/in our life but when you really think of life, the little things are often positive things and they far outweigh all the negative most days. To challenge myself to always see the good in a person, a situation, an environment, and in every day, I researched gratitude challenges and put together a combo of the things that I found which I feel will help me focus on the GOOD. My goal is to fill in one box each day as a reminder to stop and 'smell the roses' and to think of little things that bring me joy which I don't otherwise think of as I run from one place to another.

What ___________ are you most grateful for?

New connection
put a smile on your face today
Best moment in the last month
About your body
Trait in yourself
Part of winter
Item that you splurged on
In your state
In your city
In your job
Act of kindness
Type of art
Piece of wardrobe
Words of wisdom
Physical touch
Part of spring
Did you accomplish today
fills you with hope
Makes you laugh
About growing older
Did you learn in the last year
About mornings
Is something that helps you stay healthy
Basic skill you learned as a child
Experience in your entire career
Part of summer
Household task
Part of fall
Rejection in your life
Day of the week
cheers you up
Keeps you warm
Is something refreshing
Something in your room
All time fave TV show
Self care item
Love language
Sense (smell, sight, touch, sound, taste)
Junk food
Do you look forward to


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