Bestie Shenanigans and Quirky Minnesota Sights ~ on 2 wheels

The MN Spring has proven to be mean this year... we get a 65 degree day followed by 40 and snow threats, so I haven't ridden as much as usual by this time of year, but I refuse to let Mother Nature hold me back any longer!  Me and bestie did a fun trip last weekend on a (so far) rare 63 degree day. We googled 'Quirky Things to see in MN' and found ourselves wandering randomly in Southern MN. It was a super fun day of riding and bringing out our inner young dorkiness!!!

- The last operating Happy Chef restaurant just north of Mankato, MN
We have never eaten here.. I am sure its lovely.. .but we were on a photo day mission so onward we went..

3 miles down the road to North Mankato... it greeted us right off the main drag... and off we went!
- Gooding around at the 10' tall steel Godzilla in Mankato, MN. Why 10' you might ask? Because the artists' studio had 10'8" ceiling... lol.  It's hard to see, but there is a brownish fence in the background. When we first parked the bikes, we parked on the back side of said fence. When we realized there was no way for us to walk THRU the gate to Godzilla, we took the next natural path. Of climbing OVER the fence. However, this was quickly halted when we went to grab the fence with one hand and the entire thing literally bent and moved. Clearly not a fence that two besties in their 30's should attempt to scale. So we adulted and went to the front side of the fence to see Godzilla. So boring going the 'easy' way...

- The Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, MN

And we couldn't leave Lil Sprout out of the fun!

 As we were messing around taking fun pictures we noticed the temp start to drop and big eery clouds moving their way in. A quick look at the radar and we were suddenly hustling back towards home to hopefully beat the rain (SUCCESS!). It was FREEZING by the time we made it back towards Minneapolis, but the day was a TON of fun and well worth it!!!!  And on the way back I hit 99,000 miles on my bike... How did that happen??!!