How to make dreams a reality... #travelwriting

I am not much of a reading person - partly because if a book isn't exciting within 5 pages I lose interest and I quit reading, but if it DOES catch my interest, then I can't put it down.  So basically I will either be disappointed or addicted. Somewhere in the middle would be nice! I am going to try to be more active in the blogging world this motorcycle season.. thankfully my roommate has been learning wicked things about creating, editing, and coding web pages and has helped revamp my site to include social media links. Back to that book reading thing...I ordered three travel books written by folks who ride motorcycle crazy amounts like I do so I can get a sense of writing styles and all that technical jazz. The first book I started to read is Lois on the Loose - written by Lois Pryce who, 66 pages into the book, is already my hero. She had only been riding one year (or somewhere close) when she decided to quit her cubicle job and fly halfway around the world to ride solo across North and South America. The cover of the book states that she rode 20,000 across the Americas.. I wasn't sold on that information alone though - it is her humor and her statements that are IDENTICAL to my thoughts. She didn't JUST ride 20,000 miles across the Americas.. She flew a bike (and herself) from England (where she is from) to Alaska with the intent to ride from Alaska to the southernmost point in South America, solo. Not only that, she was riding a 225cc bike. For 20,000 miles. Across crazy opposite terrain.  And at page 66, she has talked about her planning, her flight, her re-assembly of the bike once in Alaska, the terrain she has ridden, the people she met, and other random things (bike issues, things said when you ride solo as a female, etc.). Anyways, I am hooked and while I don't think that I have quite as interesting stories and events in my life, if I could figure out how to write about my travels and weird encounters, I would love to do it. Meanwhile, on my 24 mile commute to and 100-150 mile commute from work (I always take the LONG way) each day, I find myself thinking more and more about how to make dreams a reality.. we shall see what happens!!!