Vegas in less than 72 hours: Sights & Shenanigans

I am an impulsive person by nature. Sometimes this works in my favor, other times I should maybe think things through a bit more than I do. But when there is an opportunity for ADVENTURES and Good Times – I rarely say no. Even when I should. This weekend was no different. Relatively last minute I was invited to Las Vegas – to hit up the Wild vs Knights hockey game and/or a VIP Morgan Wallen concert.
 Since the Wild don’t have a shot at making hockey playoffs, we opted for the concert, which was far better than I had expected!! I don’t know many of his songs – 3 at best, but I like his style and I like country/country-rock music style. The experience was absolutely awesome! After getting to the Mandalay Bay hotel and waiting in line to be wanded (hand held metal detectors and purse search), we signed for our VIP badges and entered the House of Blues venue. 
Everything about the House of Blues was great- from the artwork and design, the setup, the smaller feel of the venue, to the auditorium style seating upstairs, and table seating downstairs. I instantly fell in love with the place after walking through the doors. We walked into the lower GA pit area and stood along the metal ‘fence’ type system just a few feet from the stage. We grabbed a ($14) beer and waited for Morgan Wallen to arrive. There was roughly 50 people present when he came onto stage ‘looking’ like a country music guy. His mullet intact, cut off blue checkered flannel shirt tucked into Wrangler jeans, and cowboy boots in tow - he picked up his guitar for an acoustic sound set for the small crowd. He played a song, then took time to read and answer some of the questions his fans wrote beforehand. The questions ranged from ‘How did you get your big break’ (He was on season 6 of the Voice amongst other things) to ‘What did you name your mullet’ (Tennessee Waterslide) and other random facts.  Some of his better-known songs include Whiskey Glasses, Up Down (with FGL), Chasing You, and The Way I talk. It was impressive to see how personable the guy is – considering how quickly he has risen to fame and how young he is (25). He did 4-5 acoustic songs then took the time to take individual pictures with every person present in the room.

 He asked every person their name, where they were from, and shook each person’s hand. My friend is in LOVE with him, and since each person could get one picture, she stood in for all three of them. He has a great sense of humor as well – he asked her to ‘take over’ for him since she was doing such a good job at it. After the acoustic and the meet and greet, we all got signed posters (that he signed that night) and were seated at our reserved table waiting for the show to begin. 
People were streaming in quickly at this point – the whole GA area was packed full, the upper auditorium seats were full, and people were standing shoulder to shoulder around the entire bar area. This is when it was REALLY nice to have a private table – with our own elbow room. There was an opener local person, the group Hardy (Redneckerer than You), and finally, Morgan Wallen and his band. He introduced each person in the band and gave a blurb on how they know each other and continued on with his show. Overall, he played a lot of great music – there is a lot of talent not only in him (vocal and guitar), but in every person on that stage from the drummer to bass guitar. While I walked in only knowing 3-4 songs, I walked out with a newfound respect for MW band and will continue to be an avid follower. He has worked with Florida Georgia Line, is on his own headliner tour, and just signed up for a tour with Luke Combs. He has a lot of talent and there is no doubt he will go far in the Country Music world.  We paid our tab and headed towards New York New York to check out the Piano Bar for a nightcap. 

The night definitely exceeded my expectations! In our short couple of days in Vegas, we managed to go to Freemont Street, the MW concert, the Piano Bar, had dinner at Gordan Ramsay’s Pub, stopped by to watch some of the sports events happening (countdown to basketball Final Four playoffs, hockey games, the start of baseball season…), and had some down time in the sunshine by the pool. The worst part of the weekend was the flight home – which left Las Vegas at 12:45am and landed in MN at 6am. 

No rest for the wicked, I was showered and off to work by 8am!

 Vegas Sights and Shenanigans: