Spring is here (nevermind that SNOW pile..) - time to RIDE!

Last week brought me a LOT of HAPPINESS as the weather was finally ‘nice’ (enough) to ride to work on two wheels. While the mornings were a bit cool (40’s), the afternoon brought mid to upper 50’s, which by MN terms, is nice enough to ride – considering the temps had been in the 20’s as early as a week before. It always makes me shake my head to think that I am riding on two wheels to work amongst snowbanks, some of which were still 2-3’ high in places. Many probably see me cruise on by and think I am crazy. Some are envious. Me – I am totally content!!


Springtime means fresh new oil!

And a reminder to add a BIKE WASH to the to do list - last years mud remnants are hanging on tight

With awareness that the roads are salty and slippery and NO ONE is expecting motorcycles this early in the season, I just ride a little more cautiously

Lots of gravel/sand on the roadways.. And still some icy spots

Rode to work on the first day of Spring!