Riding Season is FINALLY here! And other random ADD moments.....

 Riding SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! So happy to be back on the road on two wheels... granted there are days when I should definitely check the weather before leaving home, but overall, the days are 'good enough' to ride!!!! HAPPINESS!

Other Randomness -
My parents are Deer Whisperers..... They literally stalk whoever comes into the yard as though they are the Official Greeters

Dart Night Shenanigans for the End of Season - Darts is one of the longest lasting sports in the history of mankind... well, aside from bowling.... While there are weeks where I just don't feel like going to Dart League, it never fails to be FUN once I get there!!!!

Free Handouts at Dart Night.... What are they trying to say?!

 And then there are DIY projects. Down time is rarely a time to kick back and relax for me... Instead, I get ancy and get creative, and get in WAY over my head on projects outside of my abilities.... although, I put doors on my cube storage unit because clutter makes me crazy, and I have to say they turned out A OK and I didn't even throw anything in the process of making them. LOL.

Unlike the desk I recently assembled with the help of others so that no one would be injured in the process ;)

And then I shop... and see just how much stuff costs in the real world, and immediately think, PSSH.... I can MAKE that! And so I do. Like for example, a headboard. Even when I should have just spared my time and sanity and bought it anyways!