Motorcycles = love? Never!!! (Lies…..)

I'm not much on sharing feelings - but something about 2021 has just spoken to me and I want to share my happiness ;) LOL

I have always said that getting my motorcycle license was by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. It trumps owning a home, getting my Master’s Degree, and all of the other things that folks consider epic milestones in life. For me, motorcycling has taught me that a map is just for reference, that there is always someplace new to explore, that some of the best people on earth also ride motorcycles, and that spending time alone on two wheels truly does refresh the soul. I always laugh when thinking about how far I will ride, just to ride. If I have a 4 day weekend, I have been known to rip down to Arkansas to ride the twists and turns of the Ozarks, or rip out to Colorado to chase the fresh mountain air. Those types of trips sound amazing to me (although I would prefer longer trips!) on two wheels. Give me the option of doing the same in a cager, HARD no. It has zero appeal to me in a car. Even with the sunroof open, it doesn’t compare. And I wouldn’t do it. But on two wheels, it’s an easy YES. I know that most people think I am crazy, and I am ok with that. We weren’t born to understand others – rather to understand and find our true self. I am thankful to have met some of my best friends because of 2 wheels. I have an amazing group of gals that I ride with and we always have a blast. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have always said that I think I need to date someone who rides, not just rides, but rides a bit on the crazy side, like me, in order for a relationship to ever work out.  Once temps hit 40 in MN, riding is who I am and what I do. I struggle to commit to anything in the summer, because I never know which way the sunshine will guide me or the wind will blow me. Even my non-riding friends know this about me and accept me for who I am. The stars aligned and I found myself on a super last minute, spur of the moment, and unplanned trip to Key West with a riding friend this winter. We didn’t know if there would be motorcycles involved, we didn’t even have a place to stay when we landed but knowing him through the last several years of meeting up in other states, at rallies and at events, I knew it would be fun regardless of what we found to do. I went into the trip not expecting, nor thinking, of any type of relationship scenario – it was honestly just a fun adventure with a motorcycle friend. Turns out, we traveled really well together. So much so, that we extended the trip a couple of times. We are both ADD, both spontaneous to a fault, and both up for adventure in any form. Having literally no plans once our plane landed, things just fell into place and we found ourselves at a biker bar, making a minivan reservation, and driving south to figure out the rest of the details. Everything fell in place on that trip – from barely making our plane out of MSP, to getting one of the last available 2-4-1 home on wheels, to finding a campground with 2 spots left in the Keys. Through it all, there was no stress, no tension, no anxiety – just laughter and adventure. It was in Key West that we talked about dating and what that would look like – neither of us could believe that anyone of the opposite sex could be so much fun and so easy going as we both are. Since then, it has just been easy. Almost too easy, it sometimes seems. We have the same interests, many of the same friends, same adventurous spirits, and close to the same level of what most folks would describe as crazy. While I prefer a roof over my head, in the form of at least a tent, he prefers sleeping under the stars in his bedroll. As odd as others may think it is, I don’t ever want him to change who he is or what he does, because that is the thing that makes him uniquely him. While I don’t know where it will go, I know that our crazy love of freedom on 2 wheels is what brought us together how many years after meeting in Florida for the first time, and motorcycling is what will be one of the staples of our relationship – and I can't wait to see what happens next! 




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