Springtime Motorcycle Thoughts & a Myth – Happy Riding!

Spring has sprung and that means it is finally 2 Wheel Season here in MN! People often have advice to give when I have my bike out at this time of year. Here are my top 4 safety memos I remind myself of every spring:

1.       1. I check my tire pressure, oil, brakes, and lights before my first ride of the season. Having my bike sitting in the un-heated garage for a couple of short months, usually means my tires are a couple of pounds low and while I tell myself every fall that I will remember what is needed come spring, I never remember. I see sunshine and 40’s in the forecast and riding is all I think about! #Squirrel

2.       2.  Until heavy rains sweep the roadways, I just assume that there is salt and or sand on the roadways – especially corners, tight turns, bridges, and high traffic areas. I am highly aware of how slippery salt and sand can be, especially on 2 wheels.

3.       3. Drivers are not expecting motorcycles at this time of year. It’s still chilly, we are all just waking up out of winter mode, and 2 wheels are not yet a common sight. This means people are less likely to be looking over their shoulder for us – so I make sure to do all I can to be seen and heard.

4.       4. Sunshine is powerful and wonderful. But this time of year, it is not nearly as powerful as we wish it to be. By late afternoon, even if the sun is shining, it is NOT necessarily warm. Temps drop rather quickly, and the sunshine is very deceiving. I always pack extra gear for when those temps do drop.


In my opinion, the largest myth (in my eyes) about riding motorcycle in MN this time of year:

1.       If I ride before heavy rain has ‘washed’ the roadways of salt and sand, my bike will rust. I don’t care so much about the effect of such on my paint job – lets be real, my bike, nor the salt, won’t be sitting long enough to cause damage to my paint. I will ride my motorcycle into the ground before it ever has a chance to rust out.