Random 3 day solo weekend ~ 1,970 miles and 7 states

Last weekend, I had a much needed, unplanned 3 day days of riding to reset my mind.  I left Thursday after work from MN and had to be back home Sunday evening. I didn't have a destination, aside from looking at the weather radar and deciding to head south and west because, well, that's where the sun was!  I hit the Iowa border just as nightfall started to creep in, which lead to an amazing sunset up ahead. From Thursday at 4:30pm thru Sunday at 9pm, I rode 1,970 miles thru 7 states. And I came back feeling like a new human!!! 

I don't prefer to ride at night, but I don't let night stop me from going. I like to get behind a faster moving vehicle and 'borrow' their headlights along the way. Everyone always says, "Look for deer!".. to which I always reply, "And then what?". I don't blatantly look for deer. I know they are out there, but I don't intentionally LOOK for them...because the end result is the same whether I know they are there or not. My fate is in the world's hands, basically. I tailed this fast moving semi for almost 100 miles and appreciated the fact he was lit up like a Christmas tree! 
The first night I made it to Kearney, NE. Turns out, it is NOT pronounced "Keer-ney"..Instead, it is pronounced "Car-ney".. like the fair worker. Yes, I was schooled by a NE local on how to say it a few different times. I slept a few short hours and woke up early, ancy to hit the road and see where I went next. I decided to head towards Pike's Peak, CO. I love that road, and although there is construction at the top, I didn't care, I wanted to go on it. I checked the weather the night before and it was 58 for a high at the top. Decent, enough. Then I woke up early AM to head west and the high temp said 38. I quickly rethought this plan. I hate being cold. I didn't want to be THAT cold, so as I crossed the CO border, I changed my plans and headed north towards Estes Park. Turns out, Covid wrecked that too. There is a 2 hour window pass that one needs to enter the park. But they are sold out for almost a month ahead of time. So I continued north wondering what the next move would be. As I crossed into CO, it got smokier and smokier. Even from the interstate, I couldn't see the mountains because of smoke. It is so sad! 

I forgot paper so the next best thing to routing and checking mileage from point A to point B, simply to ensure I wasn't going 900 miles the wrong direction when I needed to be home Sunday night, was to use a dry erase marker on my tank LOL

Met some amazing people along the way that ride just as much, if not more, than I do! 

Amazing sunset on the WY CO border - little hazy. 
This guy was on a 13,000 mile trip on his very first bike, a Honda Shadow 750. No windshield, no heated gear, no chaps, and his saddlebags have one remaining strap out of 4. He lives in NC, rode out to the west coast, and was wandering around the USA. His goal: ride in every county in the US. Talk about a cool guy! 
From CO, I headed to Wyoming. There are SO many places in CO and WY that I LOVE, but I had to be home Sunday. And I kept reminding myself of that. Hourly!!!  Wyoming was super smoky and windy so I meandered to the southern Black Hills to play a day. 
And then off to the Badlands, since I have a National Park Pass, figured I would put it to use! 

From there, I took backroads home to MN (versus Interstate 90). Beautiful scenery, met lots of great people, did touristy things, and relished in the ME weekend. 

 put on 30 miles shy of 2,000 miles thru 7 states (IA, NE, KS, CO, WY, and SD). I stopped at random places along the way, took in the free sunrises and sunsets, met some amazing bikers, and just soaked in ME time. It was relaxing and well worth it. Don’t be afraid to explore this amazing country, and don’t be afraid to do it alone! Sometimes, that’s just what the soul needs! #grateful


  1. Hey! I'm the guy with the Shadow. Well, I had the Shadow. Bike died a couple days later in Nebraska. Had to buy another bike. Yamaha FJR 1300, and then go back to the mountains to test it out. A bit of an upgrade. Just got home yesterday after 18,500 miles. Glad to see you on here.

    1. Hey! Glad you made it home- bummer about your bike!! But, you DID talk about getting a new one lol. Great choice on the new one too! Keep in touch- it was great chatting with you!


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