The Dam Saloon, WI - Well worth the stop at Lock & Dam #5

The Dam Saloon    Click Here to see the Dam Saloon  - Well worth the stop at Lock and Dam #5 just outside of Fountain City, Wisconsin

Located at the base of Lock and Dam #5, there is a 'bar' called the Dam Saloon. There is no sign on the roadway - the entrance into the place is a steep, gravel driveway, littered with huge potholes with no advance warning. There may or may not be an old wooden sign, mostly faded.. and likely on the ground, not on a post for anyone to see from the roadway.

      After parking in the gravel lot, you walk over the two sets of train tracks and you will see a barge on the water. 

 You will wonder what all of the stuff just in front of the barge is... the stuff you notice that you have to walk across.. or thru? Or over? To get to said bar...
Ahead, there are some rickety, teetering, steel planks, some tied together, some with wood in between, none level, and none REALLY secured to anything specific. Yes, you have to walk across the gangplank - aka all of that jungle gym scrap metal separating you from the water - to get to the barge bar. It's so far out of the norm for, well, MN/WI, you may second guess your decision to check this place out. Don't quit!!!! I swear it is a quirky stop well worth your trip!!!

And beware low hanging or awkwardly dangling metal wires that assist in holding the place together. Literally. Watch your step.

 I am not going to spoil the entire stop by showing you pictures of INSIDE the Dam Saloon. You must go there to see it for yourself. It is a small space, similar to that of a decent sized living room. There is a bar, a few stools, tons of mementos, photos, and random collectibles... oh, and an old school tube TV streaming their infamous wet tshirt contests. Beware as it is un-rated!  Drink selections are slim - they have to carry everything out to the barge, and across that plank system, so you 'get what we have' is kind of the slogan I have heard each time I have been there. No fear, they have always had the basics!  *Bring cash! There is no ATM option aboard the barge!

 The outdoor patio on the river - literally floating on the river tied up to the barge itself.

As one reviewer wrote:  There's enough sea, fishing, and pirate decor to make you think you've been transported into Black Beard's ship. It's a visual onslaught that could easily take hours to fully grasp. Once you have a seat at the bar though, the drinks are strong, the bartenders are friendly and welcoming, and there's always a fun-loving crew out for a good time bellied up next to you. It's a cultural experience.

Have you been to the Dam Saloon? What did you think? 


  1. This place is as rickety as it looks getting there and that is part of the experience!! It's easy to hang out there (inside or outside) and just take it all in!!
    Awesome article Gypsy Biker Chick! 🏍️💨
    Can't wait to go back!


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