My Top 3 Motorcycle Accessories - especially for long distance rides

There are certain things that have made long rides 'easier' in some way - here are a few of my go-to's!
              (*I am not paid, nor asked, to advertise these things. I legit love them and have them on my bike)

X Phone Mount by RAM- The key piece to this setup is those little black rubber knobs - turns out they hold the phone in place. And without them, well, the phone takes flight.  And sometimes it flies in the path of an on coming semi. #DidntMakeIt
 I don't have the black webbing to loop over the phone, but it would be helpful! Instead I use a hair tie on rough road-ing days!!
RAM X-Grip Motorcycle Bike Handlebar Mount for iPhone 7 PLUS 6S ...

Cup holder.. Let me start off by saying I mocked people who had these.... until I got one. It's big, its not super attractive, but when it's 90 degrees and the sun is beating down on you as you ride your black bike along the black pavement... a cup holder is hands down worth it!!!  It's self leveling - I recently tested it, on accident, while at a gas stop I picked up a red bull and put it in the cup holder as I got situated. As I was merging onto the freeway, I realized i had left it there. I really didn't want to wear red bull.. but luckily, the hold stayed true to its words and even with the wind, the cross winds, and the bumps - the red bull hung in there just fine!   *Tip:  Whatever you put in the holder cannot be top heavy or it will tilt. I have a stainless steel 20 oz cup with lid and straw that keeps ice in its form for several hours, even in the sun. And it sits well in the holder. Except for that one time when I wasn't looking and hit a MASSIVE pothole.. Now, I just know which cup is mine based on the dent. LOL - under V-Twin section

I LOVE this gadget - it's not just a phone or GPS holder... I have used it to hold my phone, but also used it to hold a pack of gum, chap stick, and whatever else I wanted easily accessible. It really is waterproof which is a bonus! I once put a handful of cherries in it, and you wouldn't believe how quickly they mushed inside the thing after just 10 miles. Ew.   Tip: The magnets are super strong! But once it is on your bike, don't take if off unless you plan to wash the bike and the holder. If you take the holder off and put it back on without doing so, once dust or dirt gets under the magnet it will (potentially) leave a scuff on the tank.

I am not paid or asked in any way to advertise these things - they are legit my favorite accessories on my bike! 


  1. Awesome advice and recommendations!! I recall that massive bump you hit and all I saw was ice flying at my after your tumbler literally tumbled! 🤣🤣 Survived and works still! Straw and all!


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