LEMON: The 2019 CanAm Spyder Ltd that left a Veteran stranded, broke down, and without a ride for the whole summer.

New 2019 CanAm Spyder $26k+: A Disabled Veteran's Story of being stranded, broke down, and missing an entire season of riding

My Dad’s 2019 CanAm Spyder LTD 

Bought new- over $26,000 CanAm Spyder Ltd   6/21/19
Excessive oil leak - back to Dealer- new engine needed     6/27/19
27 days later, gets bike back with 2nd engine at 218 miles     7/24/19
Check engine light on     7/27/19
 Bike died. Left stranded 4 hours from home      7/30/19
Went to pass, went into limp mode. Check engine, etc.    8/27/19
Excessive coolant leak, etc. Back to Moon Motorsports for repairs.
 4,753 miles on 2nd engine.    9/7/19

*Bike has been in the repair shop 83 days of the 132 days owned.*
For every 5 miles the bike has been ridden, it has been trailered 1.1 miles (to Moon Motorsports for repairs)
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 *The following is a large portion of the daily log that my dad has kept since the bike first broke down after riding only 218 miles. It was sent, along with a letter, to BRP Headquarters 12/11/19. So far, no response has been received that I am aware of. My 2020 wish is that BRP makes this situation right (and in a fair manner) so that my dad can ride again in 2020.*

My dad, a disabled Veteran, purchased new from Moon Motorsports. He loves to ride but due to ailments stemming from the Marine Corp/Camp Lejune, he feels safer having three wheels. He scouted out options and fell in love with the Spyder. He still really WANTS to love the brand. 
Excessive oil leak – not from plug or filter – filed complaint, trailered bike 200 miles one way to Moon Motorsports repair shop
Was told they would need to remove engine to repair issue (later determined to be an incorrectly machined part from the factory). Dad requested new bike due to factory error and loss of value if replace engine. Engine has 218 miles on it

Dealer not heard from BRP yet

BRP stated they would be ‘researching the issue’

BRP stated that a technical inspection will be completed, and a technical case will be opened

No technical case opened yet. New engine needed

New engine installed *23 days in the shop

Bike ready to be picked up from dealer with new engine. Title change needed. Owner to pay costs.  

*Has now owned the bike for 34 days. Has been in the repair shop for 27 days*

Bike picked up – 400 miles round trip, 9 hours

Check engine light on, slow turnover
Check engine light remains on in AM. Started in PM, light is off. BRP notified.

While riding 4 hours from home, bike died, would not restart. Attempted to jump, nothing. Moon Motorsports sent a trailer and a loaner bike for him to get home. Bare bones Triumph. No saddlebags, nothing. 40 degrees. Home at 1:00am.
Again requested a new bike or that BRP buy the bike back.

BRP gave info on how to do a trade with the dealer. Moon Motorsports replaced battery, went through electrical system.

*Has now owned the bike 43 days, in the shop for 30 days. Of the remaining 13 days he was able to ride, he had issues on 5 of those days*

Bike done- dealer met my dad a little over halfway between home and dealer.
BRP asked (me) to stop posting about the bike issues/new engine needed on social media. “Resolution is in the making”

Riding for 2 weeks, minimal issues. BRP ‘expressed gratitude that the bike is more reliable now”
Went to pass a semi, bike went into limp home mode, with the traction control and check engine light on. Pulled over, turned off and on, lights out.  Brake error code on.
While riding, noted smell of burning oil and burning brake pads. No indication of oil leak. Brakes warm – monitored foot placement and brake lever usage.
Loud bang – back end jumped. Checked for broken gear case. Noted drops of fluid under the bike, monitored closely.
Significant coolant leak.
Bike trailered 200 miles to repair shop. Contacted BRP.
BRP called and said my dad would need to talk to the dealer for a trade. BRP upset that (I) am posting issues on social media. BRP “assured” my dad that they would “make it right”.

(Dad went on vacation for 2.5 weeks. He received no communication from BRP or Moon Motorsports during that time)

Called Moon Motorsports for update on repairs. Coolant leak due to clamp on the hose. Asked about severe clunking/banging that occurred when slowing down/downshifting. Felt as though the clutch had possibly blown. Repair shop to keep bike and thoroughly look it over.

Dad contacted dealer for update on repairs. “I have ridden it 3 times with no issues noticed” was the return message received. Dad called again to ask when he can pick the bike up.

Bike ready to be picked up from repair shop. Severe clunk at the rear of the bike was not resolved.

*Bike has been in the repair shop 83 days of the 132 days owned.*

Winter arrived. Bike winterized.

Dad ordered a service manual. Repair shop unable to find out where the clunking is coming from. Repair shop stated that the muffler was supposed to have some movement.  Per service manual, the issue is the secondary muffler – it moved so much that it readily touched the axle bolt. If the suspension extended enough, it was possible for the muffler to move and rest on the axle bolt and/or the rear braking system. Moon Motorsports to ship my dad a new muffler clamp.

BRP contacted my dad to discuss issues and ‘a possible resolution’…… …… ..To be Continued....

My dad continues to wait for a response..

-          - Bike in the shop for repairs 83 out of 132 days of ownership
-          - For every 5.22 miles that the bike has been ridden, it has been on a trailer for 1 mile.
-          - Dad has traveled 1,910 miles to and from the repair shop in the 132 days of ownership
                  o   207 miles one way, 4 hours
-        -   Long trips that needed to be cancelled due to not having a working bike: 2
-          - Number of times the bike left him stranded: 2


  1. This must be infuriating. I've been down to Moon 3 times this winter and planned on upgrading my bike there this Spring. That may change now, and I let them know this and why. Good luck to your dad with this mess!

  2. Hi,
    I hope you respond to this, would like to forward this blog of your dad situation. To bring awareness, and pressure on Polaris to make it right. If have permission. My email is 4evrcruzn@gmail.com.

  3. just taken in my 2020rt limited into the shop for an oil leak ,leaked from day one only 150 miles should i worry


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