2019 CanAm Spyder: A Tale of a Disabled Veteran's Motorcycle Nightmare - Being Stranded, Breakdowns, and a Lost Summer. Part One..

Meet Lemon: My Dad’s 2019 CanAm Spyder LTD 
6/21/19   Bought new  Over $26,000
6/27/19   Excessive oil leak - back to Dealer-  new engine needed     
7/24/19  27 days later, gets bike back with 2nd engine at 218 miles     
7/27/19   Check engine light on     
7/30/19   Bike died. Left stranded 4 hours from home      
8/27/19  Went to pass, went into limp mode. Check engine, etc.   
9/7/19  Excessive coolant leak, etc. Back in the shop. 4,753 miles on 2nd engine.    

Coming up next-  a detailed timeline of being stranded, breakdowns, and time in the repair shop.    BRP CanAm Website    https://can-am.brp.com/ 

Disclaimer: *Lemon is MY name for his bike.* My dad has been incredibly patient with Moon Motorsports and BRP. He wants to love CanAm. He wants to give their product another chance. He in no way, shape, or form, influenced me to advocate on his behalf. I have been incredibly selective in the issues I have shared regarding his bike. I always try to give a company the benefit of a doubt, or at least a solid chance to make things right. He bought the $26,000 bike in June 2019. It is now January 2020, and the bike still sits in his garage as though it's his 'problem' to deal with. He has lost an entire year (a MN riding year) of riding. I would give anything for my dad to have a second chance with CanAm, because that is what he wants. But I want him to have a bike he can trust, he can rely on, and that he smiles at when he opens the garage door. 

We all know there that sometimes a product is a lemon. 
It's how the company takes ownership and "makes lemonade" that counts. ~GypsyBikerChick


  1. frontrowjoevnvlv@gmail.com
    I sorta work at a Spyder dealership in North Florida and have logged close to 50,000 miles on Spyders, I've not heard of anyone having these kinds of problems. If you are talking to BRP in Montreal directly I don't know what to say, if you're not talking to them, that's where I'd go.


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