Cold riding gear + redneck hacks for staying warm in 'almost spring' weather!!

A lot of people hang up their motorcycle keys once temps get into the 40's. Those people are kind of smart. I, however, choose to ride until Mother Nature makes it physically impassable to do so, aka snow falls and stays on the ground. In order to ride when its in the teens, 20's, 30's, or even 40's, there is some gear that is a necessity to try to keep remotely warm while riding. And thanks to this gear, I have only gotten frostbite once while riding motorcycle. And to be honest, I doubt ANY cold riding gear would have spared my fingers from riding 70mph in temps of NINE (9) degrees. Yeah, that was stupid. But I was on a mission..... I WAS going to ride to Daytona!! (NOT this year!!) And naturally, it had been in the 50's the week prior, aka when I decided I was going to ride there. Anyways - here is my GO TO cold riding gear!

 <--- In Iowa, on way to Daytona. It warmed up to 24 degrees!!! There is no solution for frozen eyeballs.

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Electrically Heated Leather Gloves 
When I first used heated gloves, I was not a fan. The heating elements are on the top of entire glove. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was surprised that even on HIGH, my hands were still cold. When my hands are around the handlebars, I found it hard to get the heat to my fingers. But then I got the correct SIZE glove, and it was magical!!! Correct fit is important - just as having them too tight puts you at risk for burns, too loose means the heating elements are simply heating air, not your digits. I have had my heated gloves for 4.5 years and while they are showing their age a bit, they work just as good as they did on day one! There are 5 settings of heat and the controller can be linked with other heated products. They are leather, which helps block wind. And they WERE once waterproof... that ended within the last year. LOL.  The only thing better than these heated gloves would be heated grips for all around heat. Someday....!

Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Motorcycle Vest Liner 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Tourmaster heated vest!!! It was the first piece of heated gear I ever purchased and it is absolutely worth it. If you are going to buy just ONE piece of heated gear, I recommend a vest. WITH A COLLAR - which I did NOT get - but regret that part as my neck gets cold at times. I have found that if I can keep my core warm, the rest of my body will function somewhat OK for awhile without heated gear. The vest has heat coils in the front and back - and the key is to buy the right size! You don't want it TIGHT against your body, but you want it a close fit so the heat reaches your core. You don't want bare skin exposed to the vest - I have seen people get burnt by this and it doesn't appear comfortable! I always wear at minimum a t-shirt underneath, but generally prefer a lightweight long sleeve shirt underneath. If you put a heavy hoodie under the vest, you won't be able to feel the heat as well. After my long sleeve shirt, I then put on the vest, a heavy hoodie over the vest, and then my leather jacket. I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but at least I am warm!!! If you are going to splurge on a heated vest, I highly recommend getting one with a collar. Your neck will thank you!  The vest came with all the gear needed to connect it to my battery plus the controller for the 5 heat settings. *I searched for my vest, but apparently they stopped making the exact one I have. But now they have new and improved versions! 
Tourmaster Heated Gear - Click Here

I have only used my heated chaps liners a handful of times, not because they aren't amazing, rather they are just a pain in the ass for me. My chaps don't have a lot of room to work with in the first place, then adding another layer under them, makes it merely impossible for my legs and feet to get blood flow, let alone maneuver for braking and shifting. Granted, it is WORTH it, but if you don't use all of the gear frequently, the amount of time spent trying to figure out wiring is a pain in the butt (for me anyways). So, I used to own the chap liners, but I gave them to a friend who has slimmer legs than me.   All the pieces of heated gear have 5 heat settings and can be used with one multi controller, which I tuck into the leg of my chaps...Making me look more like a unibomber than a biker, while walking through the gas station.

For my feet, in a pinch, I have used the hand warmers that you shake to activate, duct taped them to the outside of my boots, and then put my bootie rain covers over the top. I never said I am a fashionable rider!!! LOL The hand warmer theory also works to tape them around your grips - however, don't pull a blonde move like me.. do NOT use electrical tape. You will get zero heat transfer LOL Duct tape on each end of the hand warmer works swell. It doesn't look pretty, but if you are riding and it's THAT cold, I guarantee no one will be judging your hand warmers!!!
I have also work rain gear over alllllll of the other stuff - but it is pretty constricting in movement and blood flow. And very uncomfortable for long distances!

I mentioned that my neck sometimes gets cold. I'm willing to bet there is heated gear for the neck, but I haven't look into it yet. I like to keep things on my to-do list in case I ever get bored. Which is why, after 14 years of riding, I still don't know, nor own, neck warming items!!! 

It's almost 'good enough' to ride weather - are you ready??