The Best Motorcycle Camping Gear I own

Motorcycling is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. And camping is a great way to see the whole wide world on a budget. So why not combine the two?? Here are some of my must have things for moto-camping!

REI Passage 2 Tent - compact, light, fits in my saddlebag, and has 2 poles - so I am always the first one set up at camp because its CRAZY fast and easy to do. I also got the footprint for underneath - which is FOR the tent and therefor doesn't hang out from under it. It is super breathable and the rain fly is super easy to put on. I used to share the tent - but even though it says 2 person tent.. with all the gear + me inside, adding another human was WAYYYYYYY crowded. It worked, but it wasn't super comfortable lol  ( I have the green version of this)

 I have slept on pads, air mattresses, self inflating mattresses, and yoga mats... none of which come close to how awesome, comfortable, and warm my cot is!!! Its a King Camp Cot - and it fits in my Saddlemen luggage perfectly. And there is something to be said about sleeping off the ground - its definitely warmer! And the extra space under the cot comes in handy too!

Sleeping Bags.. there are a ton of options out there. I remember my first sleeping bag that I owned as a kid (ok, my parents owned it, but...) it was HUGE rolled up - flannel on the inside, silk on the outside. And no smaller than an Igloo cooler rolled up. Luckily, the world of sleeping bag design has drastically improved and tehre are a lot of options out there that compact into 7x11" sacks of down that fit perfectly in motorcycle luggage (and fits perfect next to my cot in my luggage!)
Even though sleeping bags are quite compact these days.. I put mine into a compression stuff sack.. like the one above - which may only take off an inch or two, but hey, every little bit helps!!  These things are amazing!!!!  For clothes, rain gear, etc. Space savers for sure! And they also come in waterproof versions - even better!! This one shows before and after - depending on what is put into them - its an accurate photo!
Other go-to gear:

Inflatable solar lantern with 2 settings

Camp Chair that fits in my luggage and/or saddlebag - such as this Helinox Chair 

Headlamp. Because I am blonde, half night blind, and well, trip over stuff a lot!!!
Sunjack Head Lamp - rechargeable