From Bangkok to Nearly record low temps in MN in 36 hours...

Leaving SE Asia - Back to MN...

When it came time to prepare to go home, I really didn’t want to. And lucky for me, weather back home in MN didn’t want me to either! It was record cold temps (-50 degrees Fahrenheit !!!) and my flight was delayed and then rerouted all together. I ended up missing the coldest day in 10 years in MN and was pretty happy about that!

 One of my last days was spent getting from Koh Tao to Bangkok – where I had to take a ferry to Koh Phag Nan, then another ferry to mainland, where I would fly to Bangkok.  Once in Bangkok I hailed a taxi and headed to get more dental work done. This procedure scored me some stitches which will need to be removed upon return home. I wandered around Bangkok for the last day in awe at just how much I had learned along the way. This was my third time in the city and it had grown on me ever so slightly. I was far more comfortable getting around, things looked familiar, I had no trouble getting a ride to and from my destinations, and the chaos suddenly had a sliver sense of calm behind it. I walked all over the city taking in the sights one last time while reflecting on how much I had seen, done, and grown as a person. I will forever be changed from this adventure and am so thankful for it all.  TO get home, I flew from Bangkok to Seoul South Korea, to Seattle, to MN. It was a total of 30 hours and I was exhausted by the time I got home!
Had to buy a hoodie in Seattle where I was already freezing!

 The first thing I did that caused me great happiness to be home was FLUSH the toilet!!!!! Amazing how much a person misses the little things in life.


After a decent nights sleep, that ran into 2pm the next day, I was up and getting ready to head downtown Minneapolis for a hot date at the Disturbed Concert, which turned out to be amazing! We had seats in a suite and Three Days Grace opened for them - life is good!!!  But there was a bit of chaos while getting ready to GO downtown for the fun...

 As I loaded the car and went to start it… I turned the key and nothing. Not even one single light turned on. I have a one stall garage. I pulled all the way to the front so my roomie would be able to get the trash can out without moving my car. This meant that my jumped cables didn’t reach the outside world. My neighbor wasn’t home. I waited for my roomie to get home and luckily, she knew what to do! String two sets of jumper cables together -which then made it long enough to reach from my car to her car.
After several minutes, my car slowly came to life. I meant to have her turn the car on a couple of times while I was gone but spaced that out. The concert was amazing, the company was amazing, and while it was cold out, I was managing better than expected considering just the day before I was in hot 100 degree temps!!!!