Bestie Date Night - Post Modern Jukebox

One of the best parts about being home is seeing familiar faces! Wednesday night has been designated as Bestie night for several years - it was started to ensure that life never got too busy to see and hang with the bestie and to give each other a vent and a laugh mid week!! The bestie and I have seen Post Modern Jukebox before and LOVED them! We decided since tickets were cheap we would go since they were in town this week.  We got tickets spur of the moment and met up at bestie's place for dinner before the show. Bestie is an amazing cook - and I make a pretty darn good observer, if I say so myself! LOL! After dinner we grabbed an Uber and headed downtown for the show at the State Theatre. As we went to scan our tickets at the entry door, the gal said "Oh! You've been upgraded! Go see the box office folks for more info"! Her little scanner said "Go see Bo" and then cut off, so we walk up to the boxoffice window and ask if the name is Bo... all we got in return was a confused look. The person printed out new tickets and we were on our way! We had originally had Balcony seats in row 7 (I think) - but now! Now we have floor tickets, row 7 on the aisle! Sweet!
We made our way to the seats after grabbing something to drink. The show was amazing as ever - they never fail to entertain and do a stellar job on remixing today's music into 20's themes!!!!

After the show we cabbed over to our local little bar to say hi to Chuck - he saw us through the window (we weren't even in the bar yet) and he just shook his head and smiled. We tend to have that effect on people sometimes... LOL from there we made some pour decisions before going back to her place to sleep for a solid 5 hours before going back to work! Cheers to being home!


  1. Always an awesome time when it's Bestie night!! Ohh PMJ, Cowboy, and Chuck! Thank God for motion sickness pills!! 😁😂🙏


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