WINTER brings many problems in MN.. determination and stubbornness creates solutions one way or another!!

I have a one stall garage - 21x10x8. I have one car, one Victory XR, one Suzuki Boulevard, two bicycles, a tool chest and other random garage crap. And hella determination to make all of that fit into said one stall garage. "Yeah right," and "you know you can pay to store it right?" Yes, but I have slight commitment issues and by paying to store it somewhere I am trapped within their guidelines of when to drop off and pick up. And what if there's a super nice day within those months?!?! I just can't do it. I NEED them in my garage. I mean, I admit I did try to get the Suzuki into the house, cuz I am classy like that. But she's too wide. And my door frame area is a load bearing wall for the townhome so it just wasn't meant to be. Fine. But this WILL work!! The more I hear "yeah right you can't fit all that in there" the more hell bent I am to make it work. So over the course of the last 3 mos (as time allowed or when I was actually home and the weather sucked) its been my mission. I've taken everything out of the garage, built new shelves, organized all my biker related stuff, started hanging stuff from the ceiling and googling how to maximize small spaces. While I'm in trouble is I gain like 4.5# or wear my big puffy winter jacket, the point is that IT ALL FITS!!! Boom!! Some people will never learn that I am a Taurus and determined individual... but where there's a will there is a way. And when you start talking about me being separated from my kids for MONTHS... there is nothing I wouldn't do to keep said "kids" in my care (vs paying for childcare) all year long!!!! I may not have actual  children, I totally get it. Separation anxiety is REAL.
Suzi to the left, Victory front and center. And smaller recycle and garbage bins have been requested to give the girls a little more breathing room!!

 I've got the Sass-shay (turn and walk) down solid!!  
While wearing puffy winter coat I just have to "Suck it in Sally!!"

Stubbornness and determination. Taurus.