Thanksgiving ~ A lovely MN November to truly be thankful for!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend. I have so much to be thankful for and try to remind myself of that often!!!

My whole family lives up north - so I am the one to commute for holidays, which actually works out great, because I will never be asked to host a holiday!!!  That is a good thing - due to space, time, and distance, it would be a pain! So, with the travel piece in mind for Thursday, come Wednesday night it was time to make some decisions 'more on the poor side', related to beer, music, and a specific gender. Don't get me wrong, it was a blast, but lets just say Wednesday got a little out of hand! There were several 'signs' of what was to come, had I just put them all together I might have stayed home... < KIDDING >

The amount of vehicles in the parking lot at the local liquor store should have been my first sign...

And then, the stellar deal they had on beverages, along with my 'always in
search of a deal' mentality.. should have been my other sign!

 Thursday morning, with a slight pounding reminder of how much I overdid myself the night before, I head up north for the long Thanksgiving weekend, to spend time with family. It's a 3+ hour trip and a totally different climate all together. I waited until Thursday morning to leave due to traffic alone- had I left Wednesday night, I was looking at another 1.5 hours added onto the drive, solely because traffic getting out of the city is insane.
I heart my 'against traffic' commute!

Those red lights could be seen for several miles....


The Vikings played Thursday at 11:30am...
so naturally, I had to cheer them on while en route north!

To keep me awake on the drive north, I had the Vikings game blaring through the speakers so I could cheer them on!
They damn near bit the whole game, but managed to keep the WINning streak going!

It was a great weekend with the fam-

I spent time shooting guns with my dad - always super fun!!! And yes, as a true nerd, I fit right in with the camo gear.  It was balmy enough to shoot without gloves in November!!!  We blasted over 500 rounds off for fun :)

Had fun playing with my three amazing niece & nephews

Took time to relax and soak in the beauty of the northern skies..

Hard to tell, but there was an AWESOME, bright Rainbow over these trees!

Practiced my Northern MN inner fashion nerd in my dad's jacket.. which matched my hat perfectly ~

And, of course, eating.  A lot. Over and over. (No picture needed!)  Zero store shopping was done by this girl - not my idea of fun!

The weekend was capped off by my most favorite activity and the thing that I am incredibly thankful for in so many ways ~ RIDING!

I came home Sunday morning and was pleased to note that the temps were creeping into the 50's..
 November is usually when we (people and bikes) hunker down for the winter months and pout.I have now winterized my bike 4 times this month alone... and I am still hopeful that last night wasn't the final hoorah! Sunday was gorgeous (by all MN Standards) - in the 50's, minimal wind. I didn't have to turn on my heated gear until the second hour of riding. (Heated vest = BEST investment ever!!!!). Monday brought even warmer temps, and while I had to do SOME adulting, I was able to sneak just under 100 miles in just putzing around and running a few errands (taking the LONG way there...). It was warm enough last night to not have to wear chaps and I could still feel my legs when I got home! Went to the car wash and gave her a(nother) spray down to get the road  grime off ~ topped off her fuel and added stabil and rode home. Bitter sweet, but hopeful for another nice day... wishful thinking, I know. I did see 15-20 bikes out between Sunday and Monday - so I was not the only crazy human out riding!!!!