MN to Daytona Beach - in March. Day 2+

FL 3/17/17 @ 10:50amFinally made it! 30 hours!

We woke up not overly enthused about getting back on the bikes for another day of cold riding. Granted, it was in the 20's already, but.... Off we went determined to get to FL today! We didn't see another motorcycle until south of Nashville - weird! Of course that whole area of the country was under 'colder than normal' weather. We made it to Daytona Beach around noon on Friday, having left on Wednesday morning.  We made a stop at the Ironhorse Saloon to catch up with my Daytona friends - over the years of attending bike week, I have made some pretty great friends there! David Allen Coe was playing on stage, the sun was shining, the beer was cold, and life was GOOD! It *almost* made the trip worth it ;)

NExt stop - We met up with The Boy's brother and cousin at the Speedway -to check out some vendors, see some bikes, and the boys toured the Speedway museum while I tried to find us somewhere to sleep for the night. Yep, we rode 30 hours to Daytona Beach during Bike Week, sans reservations. Crazy, I know. Seems to be my motto lately!  Managed to find a hotel a block off of Main Street for 'dirt cheap' (for bike week anyways) and on the ocean, which we really didnt care about as much as stumbling proximity to main street. After riding around the area and sitting in traffic for longer than our total ride time, we were ready for a beer and people watching!  We partied late into the night on Friday - people watching was a hoot, the bikes were non-stop up and down main street, and it was great to hang with Bike Week friends again! Saturday The Boy's brother and cousin had to head back to MN. The Boy and I spent the morning riding around and met up with a few other friends that lived in Flagler Beach - hung out rooftop at Finn's Pub, watching the bikes go by, with the ocean in the background.

  It was a super chill, mellow, and relaxing day! Saturday evening it was time to head to St. Augustine to meet up with The Boy's friend and his wife from back in the day. They were putting us up for the night as we had to head back to MN Sunday morning. 

The Boy had fun reminiscing with his friend and we enjoyed a campfire and more relaxation before a return to GO time. Sunday morning rolled around and we headed north at the crack of dawn - back towards MN. Thats right, we spent 30 hours GETTING to Daytona, only to spend about the same amount of time IN Daytona. The ride home was uneventful, the weather cooperated with us, and we rode from the crack of dawn Sunday morning until well past dark, woke up Monday morning to do it all over again. We made it back to MN late Monday evening - worn out, yet relaxed, and shaking our heads at the crazy trip we just made. To find someone just as nuts as I am is pretty awesome :)

 In all, we rode 3,317 miles, across 9 states, in 5.75 days, with riding temps ranging from 8 degrees to 76 degrees.

States we rode thru in a matter of 6 days

Main Street Daytona Beach Bike week March 2017

The boy and his brother

"Lick me" says the dogs sticker                                                          Me & The Boy