Procrastination: Challenge Accepted!

I travel often and yet, never learn that I should plan ahead, start packing ahead of time... heck, at least have some clean laundry available TO pack. But... as usual, that whole plan ahead concept is an epic fail. I'm so much more productive when there is a definite timeline in place. A 'run around like crazy, sweating profusely, and swearing at myself because I don't have time to do everything" timeline.  And usually that timeline is 12 hours prior to a relatively big bike trip. For example: I am headed to Arkansas for Bikes, Blues, and BBQ's tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. It's now 12 hours prior and here I sit. Distracted by everything that is NOT as important as packing and sleep. Meanwhile, I forgot my rain gear at the boys house, which means I need to drive (round trip) almost 2 hours to pick up the raingear (tonight), because if I don't, then it WILL rain. I need to start laundry, make a list of crap to pack, and lastly, start packing. Not to mention, change up my playlist, run and grab some snacks for the road, and get some Diet Dew bottles as they fit in my cup holder better than cans. Ya, know, the URGENT stuff in life.  Somewhere in there I should probably catch a few hours of sleep since I will be riding over 11 hours tomorrow ~ minor details!  Whenever I think of what to pack for motorcycle travels, I first think of personal safety - followed by "What CAN'T I buy if I forget it?", and then warm gear, cold gear, and in between gear. And lastly, I should probably wear clothes. Just yesterday, I got around to getting a new rear tire on the bike - as the old one had over 16k on it and well, thats not real good cornering rubber. I have known about this trip to AR for over 3 months, meaning I knew well in advance and could have planned accordingly. Instead, I wait until yesterday to do that and do an oil change.

Something about last minute spells "CHALLENGE!" in my mind, and that really is my most productive hour(s). Even though its likely NOT productive for my blood pressure or sleep pattern.
Anyways - I best start hauling tail feather to get ready for the trip in T-minus 12 hours!