Goodbye 2020 ~ Hello 2021!!

Whether you were able to ride and/or travel a little or a lot, 2020 is a year we will not soon forget, for many reasons. I hope that you are able to find a silver lining from 2020 - even if just a sliver. As we roll into the ever awaited 2021, I hope that the new year brings many good things your way. 

2020 - what a wild ride it has been! Even with CoVid taking over our nation, and the world, I managed to get over 25k miles on my new-to-me bike. I bought the bike in mid March with 9,334 miles on it and ended the riding season December 22, 2020 - with 34,891 miles. Considering the country wide restrictions that constantly changed state to state, it was a great, yet sometimes challenging, summer of riding. CoVid made finding places to stay a bit difficult, especially on the East Coast, as a lot of places were not accepting tent camping due to needing to use a shared restroom. I made due and when needed, made friends with the camp owners, and almost always managed to at least get a shower in. While it was still a relatively good mileage season, I only made it to 22 states - which I realize is a lot for most folks, but I sure missed the west coast this year!!  #2021Goals   I am ever hopeful 2021 returns to some sense of normalcy!! 

                                  Looking into the future with excitement for what's to come!!!


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