Always enjoy the journey - even if its long! MN to TN overnight, nonstop - destination: Music and Motorcycles!

Half of the fun of motorcycle trips is the ride TO wherever I am headed. Whether it's bugs, meeting cool people, or quirky roadside stops, I always try to entertain myself.  Thanks to websites like Atlas Obscura  and Roadside America , its not hard to find some way to giggle while on the road! We rode from Minneapolis to Hurricane Mills, TN overnight - nonstop - for the Tennessee Motorcycle & Music Revival Weekend!! 

Stiffy and I left after work, raring to start our long weekend. We planned to ride until we just couldn't or didn't want to anymore. Turns out, that point never came! We just. kept. going! Sometime before sunrise, I saw a sign for Dix, IL. Since I have a childish mind, you bet we made a quick gas stop in Dix!  And naturally had to play around on this guy, probably named Dick. 

Every gas stop, we thought we would be tired and need to stop. We ended up riding through the night, watched the sunrise somewhere over southern Illinois, and arrived in TN that afternoon. 

                                       Sunrise on a new day and we are getting closer!!!!

We made a quick tourist stop at in Paris, TN - since we were there!

        Tennessee Backwoods Traffic Jam

We met this fun group of guys at a gas stop - they were touring around the area, headed to Black Hills and putting on some miles! 

So while the road may be boring, I am rarely bored while riding motorcycle. So, never forget to stop and explore along the way. It helps break up the ride, gives you time to move your body and get refreshed until the next gas stop!! You never know what you will find or who you will meet - all will be a great addition to your story!