Macon Taxi Adventure: The sound of metal scraping pavement repeatedly, interrupted only by a loud THUD, a squeal of grinding car parts yelling for help....

 So we stopped in Macon GA on the way back home from Daytona Bike Week- quite the trip itself with Stiffy's massive slamming of the pothole that bent her front rim REAL good. When we finally found a place to park the bikes and (supposedly) sleep for the night, we called a cab to go hear live  music. We could HEAR the cab far before we identified what the sound was. The sound of metal scraping pavement repeatedly, interrupted only by a loud THUD, a squeal of grinding metal, and a driver on the phone yellin up a storm at whoever was on the other end. Then, the conglomerate of sounds came into our view - low and behold, it was our cab. 

SOUND ON! (There's nothing to see - I just had the phone to capture the sound effects)

(Video clip is the actual sound footage while in the cab..)  So off we go in a white crown vic, the rear end following along solely because it was still attached to the frame of the car, not because it was attached at the correct points. The right rear side of the car was resting comfortably on the tire, with the bumper cheering the entire car on by scraping the ground every so often in a clap of approval that the thing was still moving. To say there were no shocks in the car is an understatement. I don't know what percentage of the cars parts were still attached to the car itself, but the ones that were, were brave soldiers in a soon to be lost battle. Long story short, the driver got us to the bar and no one (that I know of) peed themselves on the way there. It quickly became a game to see how many times the entire rear end of the car would bottom out, scrape, bump, or grind the pavement (or curb from time to time) all while the driver said things like, "Oh man, I think something is broke on this thing" or "I don't know what the hell that was" (pretty sure it was car parts dropping like flies behind us) or "He said he fixed this thing, this ain't my car." . Both the driver and the car have seen better days.  We were all crying when we got out of the thing - because we couldn't believe that this day, the day of leaving Daytona, Stiffy hitting a hole the size of Texas and bending a rim, and the finding of (negative) -4 star lodging accommodations- still could get 'better' in the entertainment department. We hit up the bar, had a few beers to reminisce not only about Daytona Bike Week, but of the day's events alone, watched and listened to live music, and then it came time to leave and we hit the phone to call a cab. While it seemed to take forever for the taxi to arrive, we all started laughing hysterically....because we literally HEARD her coming before we saw her. Yep, we got the same taxi. I don't know how big Macon is, but it sure provided us with a lot of entertainment in a short amount of time. Instead of having her drive us directly from the bar to the hotel, which was all of 8 miles at best, the boys wanted to continue to taxi experience, just to laugh at the bumping,  squealing, grinding of the bottom of the car meeting the road, and the 'boing-boing-boing' of the entire back half of the car as it did so. Her commentary was just as entertaining - saying that the driver who had the car the night before got fired so she had to use that car. The boys paid her to just 'drive us through your neighborhood, ya know, where you hang out.' So she did. I wish I paid attention to how long we were driving around was well over an hour and with every turn, every bump, and every curb we hit, I was certain that was going to be the moment the car would just give up on life. But it didn't. We stopped for gas - I can't remember the reason, but ScooterTrash had to pump it for her - and then she said she had no money, so he also paid for the gas. (Smack my own forehead at that moment). We grabbed gas station drinks for the remainder of the show and kept on going.

Our ride - notice "LEASED to driver"?! And also, I don't know that anything in the bible is going to save that poor car at this point!!!